"This is something I will never forget..."
 - Holden Roberts, 2011
"Words could never express the way I feel about the opportunities you've given me..." - LCpl Steven Bachleda, 2011
Below is a list of the events that we have available and are in the process of planning.  Keep an eye on the list for we are always adding events.  Thank You to all who support Chappy's Outdoors by providing areas for our wounded veterans to hunt and fish.  Make sure you fill out an application at the Apply Here tab.  We have also just started using an email system to give our wounded veterans an opportunity to attend events that we have had a short time to plan and post.

1st Annual Whitetail Rut Hunt at The Warrior Farm

Location: Ararat, VA
Dates: November 7th-11th, 2014

This location is one of our newest and should prove to be one of our best! The ​location is ​tucked ​into the beautiful mountains of the western portion of Virginia, ​just north of the North Carolina border. After our staff made the visit to scope it out...​we were hooked! This place can host lots of Veterans AND your families! Bring your spouse and children for a load of fun at this location! We're looking to host a potential 10 different Veterans ​and their families at our 1st annual event!!​​​​​​​​​
3rd Annual Clymer, NY Wounded Veterans Whitetail & Bear Hunt

Location: Clymer, NY
Dates: December 2014
-This will be our third annual event with Dave and the community of Clymer, NY. The event was amazing and highly recommended by each of our Warriors for future attendees. The opportunity to harvest multiple deer and even bear exists in this same hunt! The local community and area Churches will be on hand to minister to and treat our Warriors with a great week of hunting and other events!