"Chappy" refers to the founder, Chaplain Jeremiah Catlin who has served in the Army since 2005. He is a Combat Veteran of Iraq. In November 2007, he was medically evacuated due to a deadly cancer received during his 13th month in Iraq. This began a two and a half year process of spending a great deal of time with our nation's Wounded Veterans. This has now enabled him to work closely with Vets from across the nation to assist in providing them with hunting and fishing opportunities.

Chappy currently serves as a Chaplain in the U.S. Army, freelance outdoor videographer*, professional hunter for two outdoor tv shows*, motivational speaker for outdoor events, outdoor writer*, and an outdoor film editor*.

* - it should be noted that each of these positions are on donated time, no salary or regularly paid positions except as Army Chaplain


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"I  have my relationship with God because of your efforts..."

- Retired Army SSG Richie Condon, 2010
"It was like the make-a-wish foundation...you guys made all my dreams come true in one day!"

- Marine SGT Johnathan Garrigues, Lake Anna Bass Classic 2011 Winner.